Informative Speaking


An INFORMATIVE SPEECH is one whose goal is to explain or describe facts, truths, and principles in a way that stimulates interest, facilitates understanding, and increases the likelihood of remembering.

Characteristics of Effective Informative Speaking

1. Intellectually Stimulating-  new information or information that is explained in a way that piques their interest. (we have different backgrounds in here)  How would you make your speech relevant so it piques interest among classmates?

2.  Relevant- Make sure your audience knows how the information you share is relevant to them.  Do this with each main point..

3.  Creative- when your speech contains different or original ideas.  Good research will aid in this.

4.  Memorable- a lot of information will be given in an informative speech.  Make it memorable so they remember!  Emphasize your specific goal and main points.

Using Presentational aids, repetition, transitions, humor and other emotional anecdotes, and mnemonics and acronyms.

5.  Address different learning styles:  feeling- provide concrete, and vivid images, examples, stories..  watching- visual aids  thinking- rhetorical questions, explanations, statistics  doing- encourage your listeners to do something during or after your speech.

Methods of Informing

1. Description- the informative method used to create an accurate, vivid, verbal picture of an object, geographical feature, setting, event, person, or image.  (visual aid- or provide vivid descriptions or both)

2.  Definition- method of informing that explains the meaning of something.   Can be classifying it or differentiating it from  similar ideas. Can define by giving its history or how it came to exist.  Can define by explaining its use or function.  Can define by using a synonym or antonym. 

3.  Compare or Contrast- focuses on how something is similar to and different from other things.

4. Narration- recounts an autobiographical or biographical event, myth, story or some other account. Tell the story from beginning to end.

5. Demonstration-method of informing that shows how something is done, displays the stages of a process, or depicts how something works. Should be very knowledgeable on the topic.


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