Conducting the Interview: Listening & Asking the Right Questions

Types of Questions

  • Open Questions

  • Closed Questions

  • Neutral Questions

  • Leading Questions

Do your Research

  • Who Should you Interview?

  • Know Some Background Information

  • Go to websites, online

  • they will open up more if you are familiar with the subject

Conducting the Interview

  • If you are tape recording, ask first

  • Listen carefully (paraphrase)

  • Keep it moving

  • Keep your non-verbal reactions in check

  • Get permission to quote the interviewee

  • Thank them (follow-up thank you note)

Types of Listening

  • Appreciative Listening (casual)

  • Discriminative Listening (Doctor)

  • Comprehensive Listening (Recall)

  • Empathetic Listening (Therapists)

  • Critical Listening (Salespeople)


  • Getting physically ready for the interview

  • Pay attention (don’t look away)

  • Don’t interrupt

  • Look for non-verbals

  • Hear a person out before reacting

Understanding their Message

  • Paraphrase what they said

  • Empathize with the speaker (imagine being in their shoes)

  • Offer supportive messages

    • pg. 58-59

Evaluating their Message

  • Take notes immediately after you leave




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