Communicating in Groups

Characteristics of a Healthy Group:

A healthy group is characterized by ethical goals, interdependence, cohesiveness, productive norms, accountability, and synergy.


  • Ethical Goals- gangs.. not healthy
  • Interdependent—a group in which each member relies on each others skills and knowledge to accomplish a group’s goals.
  • Cohesive—the attraction each group member has to each other and to the groups overall goals.. (members genuinely like each other and respect each others goals.
  • Develop & Abide by Productive Norms—expectations of how each group member will behave (set ground rules)
  • Accountable—group members being held responsible for adhering to the group norms and working towards the groups’ goals.
  • Synergistic—a commonality of purpose and a complementariness to each other’s efforts that produces a group outcome greater than an individual outcome.


Stages of Group Development


  • Forming-the initial stage during which people come to feel valued and accepted
  • Storming-stage where group clarifies goals and determines roles of each member
  • Norming-stage in which group solidifies its rules for behavior, esp. how conflict   will be managed
  • Performing-stage of group development when the skills, knowledge, and abilities of all members are combined to overcome obstacles and meet goals
  • Adjourning-the stage of group development in which members assign meaning to what they have done, and determine how to end or maintain interpersonal relations that have been developed


Types of Groups


  • Family
  • Social Friendship Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Interest Groups
  • Service Groups
  • Work Groups

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