Class Assignments


APRIL 22ND, 26TH, & 29TH

  • Each group member will be required to speak for 7-9 minutes
  • Time can be divided up however each group determines is best for its presentation
  • This presentation will be a culmination of all the speeches we presented this semester. It should contain elements of an informative, special occasion, & persuasive speech
  • Visual aids are necessary for this presentation (show and tell) graphics for statistics, etc. No required number, but will be graded on visual aid choices made or not made
  • Must include at least 5 supporting sources
  • Graded on organization, vocal delivery, content, effective use of body, visual aids, citations, group cohesiveness, and overall delivery


Safe Harbor Shelter in Carlisle, PA– Fundraiser/Interviews

Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg, PA– April 6th (dinner @ Women’s shelter from  3 till 6 pm)*up to 10 people  April 23rd (lunch at the Soup Line from 4:30 till 6)*up to 6 people


Purpose: to persuade your audience.  Again, you select the topic. This time, I want you to select a topic about which your audience holds varying beliefs. Your general objective is to persuade us to change our beliefs or attitudes, to start doing something, to stop doing something, to keep doing something, or to not start doing something.

Time Limit: 7-9 minutes.

Delivery: Extemporaneous key word outlines on notecards are recommended. I will be collecting your notecards. Do not write out your speech word-for-word on the cards or memorize the speech. Simply look at your bullet points and talk about that point, and move on.

Additional Requirements:

PERSUASIVE TONE:  This speech must be persuasive. You may use a question of fact, value or policy.  The topic must be relevant to the entire class and well adapted.  It should not be too simple or too complex.   It must be focused.

  • A topic that is too broad will not be good for the time constraints for this assignment.
  •  Decide upon the most effective organizational pattern based upon your goals and audience analysis. (the different patterns are explained in the book.
  • Use critical thinking skills! The speech must be free of the fallacies of reasoning.
  • Only persuade us to think or do what you would think or do.

Research is vital. This speech requires a five-source MINIMUM. All sources must be within the past 5 years (unless you can argue that your older source is relevant).  Remember, you must SAY the sources in your speech.

DUE NEXT CLASS (March 15th) :  Read Chapter 16 in your book and based on your reading and the above assignment, choose an appropriate topic. This topic cannot be something simple and cannot contain opinions. Persuasive speeches only work if they are backed up by fact. I’m looking for a complex issue that you can break down for the class. 

  • Bring to class: A typed explanation of what you will be doing for your speech, and the organizational pattern you will be using.  I also want you to list five sources you have found to back up your argument. (These don’t have to be the five you settle on for the speech. If you find something you like better, you can change them.  I just want you to get the ball rolling and see if you have enough evidence to back up your claim.



Prepare a speech appropriate for a special occasion.  Choose from one of the following:


Speech of Acceptance



Speech of Tribute

Inspirational speech

This speech will be 3-4 minutes long and will require a thesis statement.  Full sentence outlines will not be collected for this assignment.  You will however, need to hand in your notecards on the day of your speech. You must have your speech topic and thesis statement posted to your blog SUNDAY, FEB. 17TH by 8 P.M.  A visual aid can be used for this assignment if it makes sense. For example, if it will enhance and help set up the mood or identify the person you are speaking about.  It is NOT required.

Your introduction should catch your audience’s attention.  Your thesis should be well executed and SHOULD BE OBVIOUS TO YOUR AUDIENCE!  Use transitions to help with the flow of your presentation.  Your conclusion should be strong leaving your audience with some kind of message.

Have fun with this speech.  Try adding humor if appropriate.  Create an emotionally charged atmosphere! Create an award and nominate someone for it. Eulogize a departed loved one or world figure. Be creative!



Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to share ideas and information with the audience by describing and explaining a topic of interest to you. Through this speech, you will have the opportunity to “teach” us something.  Your speech should inform the audience on a subject that has some significance to them (a public issue, not personal) and be at a depth that we will find truly informative.

Description: This speech should be 4-6 minutes in length. (Get with a buddy for time cues– DO NOT miss the mark on this!)  This is a formal, graded speech and a copy of a comprehensive preparation outline, featuring 3-5 main points, are required. These are due the day you deliver your speech. In addition, a visual aid and at least three supporting sources (listed in a “References” section and cited in APA style only) are required for this speech.  Sources should be cited within the speech as supporting material for any claims that are made or data that are cited. I will also be collecting your notecards.

Evaluation: This speech is worth 50 points of your final grade. The preparation outline and note cards are important elements included in this grade (15 points). Please remember that we practice extemporaneous speaking, not manuscript presentation. Your speech will be graded on content, organization and delivery style. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Does my choice of topic demonstrate awareness and understanding of my audience through audience analysis?
  • Does my introduction capture the attention of my audience and provide a clear statement of my thesis and preview my main points?
  • Is my speech well organized and easy to follow with smooth transitions?
  • Do I support my thesis with adequate supporting evidence?
  • Do I have a visual aid that enhances the presentation of material in my speech?
  • Do I present the information in a well-articulated manner with a strong delivery style?
  • Do I restate my thesis and clearly signal my conclusion?
  • Do I remember that my key purpose is to inform, not to persuade?

Remember, the goal of this speech is not to persuade on an issue of controversy; rather it is to educate your audience on a subject of some substance.  Be creative and choose a topic that really interests you and that you think your audience would benefit to learn more about.



We will be presenting our Informative Speeches in class on February 4th.  They will be 4-6 minutes…I will go into more detail next class on this.  In the meantime, I’d like for you to choose a topic you think you would like to present.

Following the reading in Chapter 11, write a list of possible speech topics:  Follow the example on page 144.  Type your list on your blog post.  Then, on a sheet of paper, follow the instructions on page 146 in the “Action Step 1a” box in the upper left corner.  (I will collect this in class)  While formulating your topic, I want you to take into consideration your audience, as suggested in the book. On your sheet of paper, begin crossing of the list,topics that don’t suit your audience, that may not be suitable for this class setting, and then keep the one you would find most enjoyable to present.

Once you have chosen your topic for the informative speech, write a goal statement based on your reading in this chapter.

TO RECAP:  on your blog, write your list of topics and once you choose your topic, your Goal statement.  On a sheet of paper, select some subtopics and then create several concept maps to help you determine which topic you like best.


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