Managing Your Blog

After delivering your speech, upload your flipcam video to YouTube.  To do so, create a Google account and a Youtube account.  On the side of your flipcam there is a textured button.  Pull down on this and a URL connector will pop out.  Plug the device directly into your keyboard or the back of your monitor to upload the video to your YouTube account.

Next… creating the blog is as simple as going to and creating a user account.

You will need to select a web address and then a theme for your blog.

Next, you will upload your video from the flipcam to your blog.

  • Go to your username in the upper left corner of your blog…when you see a drop-down menu click on dashboard.
  • Click on posts and then “add new”
  • Enter the title:  Informative Speech, or whatever the speech or assignment title may be
  • In the body of your post simply copy and paste the URL of your youtube video.  Do NOT upload/insert the video by adding media.  Simply paste the URL where you would type the text for your body of the post.
  • Publish the post by clicking on Publish on the right hand side of the screen.

You can also add a picture to your blog so that it is connected to all your posts.  To do this…click on the dashboard again and go down to appearance.  Then click on widgets.  Here you will find a variety of applications to add to your blog.  Just drag the options to the right hand side and choose whether you want them displayed on the right side of your blog or the left side of your blog.  You can find a calendar here, a drop-down menu, a place to post links, recent posts etc.  You can also add a Gravatar.  This is how you attach a picture of yourself to the blog.  If you’ve created an account and followed me, you have likely noticed a square with a design attached to your name.  By dragging the Gravatar widgit to the sidebar you can edit your picture to replace that square design.


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