Partners For Speech Critiques


  • Be honest and fair in your evaluation–  remember to be open to ideas and beliefs that differ from your own.
  • Adjust to your speaker’s style–  speaker may have a different body language that you are used to .
  • Be compassionate in your criticism—be constructive not cruel
    • Start by saying something positive
    • Focus on the speech, not the speaker
    • Target your criticism.  Be specific.  Point out perhaps a specific phrase or portion of the speech that could have been improved

Please follow these guidelines for critiquing a speech.  I expect these to have some depth and to be more than a few sentences.  We are here to help each other and these critiques are so important in improving our performances.   I will be looking for details in these critiques, including things your classmates did well…and things they could do to improve their speech.  Likewise, when you are critiquing yourself, find areas you liked and areas you want to improve.   Here is a list of our critique-mates for the first graded speech.  Don’t forget—YOU ARE CRITIQUING YOURSELF AND THE TWO CLASSMATES ASSIGNED TO YOU.  THESE ARE DUE BY THE BEGINNING OF NEXT CLASS  (FEBRUARY 11th!!)

Jake Blanton- Ben Cable & Brandon Costik

Ben Cable- Brandon Costik & Devon Geduldig

Brandon Costik- Devon Geduldig & Morgan Geduldig

Devon Geduldig- Morgan Geduldig & Sara Hindkjaer

Morgan Geduldig- Sara Hindkjaer & Alex Hunter

Sara Hindkjaer- Alex Hunter & Jason Kelley

Alex Hunter- Jason Kelley & Alex Leggieri

Jason Kelley- Alex Leggieri & Julie Luo

Alex Leggieri – Julie Luo & Breyonna Mack

Julie Luo- Breyonna Mack & Leah Martin

Breyonna Mack- Leah Martin & Bhagat Singh

Leah Martin- Bhagat Singh & Brittney Rose Sidner

Bhagat Singh- Brittney Rose Sidner & Gunnar Smith

Brittney Rose Sidner- Gunnar Smith & Eva Tolmeijer

Gunnar Smith- Eva Tolmeijer & Nathaniel VanderWerff

Eva Tolmeijer- Nathaniel VanderWerff & Jake Blanton

Nathaniel VanderWerff- Jake Blanton & Ben Cable



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